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ACD BugsACD GameTraces EvolutionACD SmallTraces Evolution
ACD logATTILA Configuration FileATTILA Configuration File Public
ATTILA DebugATTILA Debug PublicATTILA FPGA Architecture
ATTILA Programming ReferenceATTILA Programming Reference PublicATTILA Shader ISA
ATTILA Shader ISA PublicATTILA architecture reference
ATTILA configuration parametersA SIMD-efficient 13-instruction Shader Code for High-Throughput Microtriangle RasterizationA SIMD-efficient 14-instruction Shader Program for High-Throughput Microtriangle Rasterization
Adding a new ATTILA instructionAdding a new ATTILA instruction Public
ArchitectureAttila ProjectAttila Wiki Backup
Attila binary full package notesBTPBTP manualTrace1 1280x1024 03-04-2009 4AA Statistics
BTP manualTrace1 1280x1024 03-04-2009 4AA configBUGSBlog DX9 on ACDL by Albert
BoilerplateBuild SystemCGI2010: A SIMD-efficient 14-instruction Shader Program for High-Throughput Microtriangle Rasterization
COD2COD2 StatisticsCOD4
COD4 manualTrace1 1280x1024 02-24-2009 4AA StatisticsCORCRY
CRY benchmark 1280x1024 09-17-2008 StatisticsCWH
CWH manualTrace1 1280x1024 02-25-2009 4AA StatisticsCWH manualTrace1 1280x1024 02-25-2009 4AA config
Channel and bank interleaving resultsChristian BlogChristian PFC
Configuration parameters for Memory Controller V2Crysis Triangle Size Analysis
D3D9StatsD3D9 StatisticsD3DDriver documentación
D3DDriver evolutionD3DDriver galleryD3D ASM shaders translation
D3D Driver Prototype notesD3D Player notesD3D Shader translator notes
D3D TracesDOOM3Decouple quad derivatives for texture access
DevelopersDirectX9 Fixed Function to Shader EmulationDocumentation
DriversEdit instructionsEmulatorImage
EmulatorVideoEstadisticas Android
Evaluation of DX9 games using GPU hardware countersEvaluation of DX9 games using GPU hardware counters (Short paper)FEAR
FEAR performanceTest 1280x1024 09-19-2008 4AA StatisticsFEATURES
FPGA generalInfoFSXFSX manualTrace1 1280x1024 02-24-2009 4AA Statistics
GL2Attila bin notesGPUGPU Memory Hierarchy Optimizations
GPU Memory OrganizationGPU Memory Scheduling PaperGPU Performance Counters
GRIDGRID manualTrace1 1280x1024 02-25-2009 4AA StatisticsGameInformationExample
HL2 WaterHazard 1280x1024 09-17-2008 StatisticsHL2 WaterHazard 1600x1200 09-30-2008 configImplementedCallsOpenGLACD
InfiniteTerrainInitial Implementation Performance AnalysisInternal
Internal ToolsL4D
L4D manualTrace1 1280x1024 03-04-2009 4AA StatisticsLightsEvolutionLinks
List of Pending Tasks (Jordi)LogoMC RTL
MSEMSE manualTrace1 1280x1024 03-04-2009 4AA Statistics
Memoria AndroidMemoria PFC AlbertMemoryControllerTest notes
Memory Controller V2 StatisticsMemory Controllers for Modern GPUs
Microtriangle Burst Size Analysis
Missing features, Bugs, ChangesNFSUNFSU manualTrace1 1280x1024 02-25-2009 4AA Statistics
NewTracesNew Attila LogoNews
No accessNotes on compression support in ROPCacheOBL
OldTODOOld StuffPFC:Vicente-ACD: Basic idea
PFC:Vicente-ACD: ImplementationPFC:Vicente-ACD: InterfacePFC:Vicente-ACD: Specification
PFC ACDPREYPrivate Traces
Render Target dependencesResourcesSC3D
SC3D manualTrace2 1280x1024 09-17-2008 StatisticsSDT
STLSTV notesSchedulers
ScriptsSimulation with Cristian's Cluster ToolsSimulatorImage
SimulatorVideoSimulator Default Register ValuesSingle Frame Burnout traces
Single Frame COD2 tracesSingle Frame CWH tracesSingle Frame Crysis traces
Single Frame FSX tracesSingle Frame Grid tracesSingle Frame L4D traces
Single Frame NFS tracesSingle Frame S.T.A.L.K.E.R. tracesSingle Frame StarCraft II traces
Single Frame UT3 tracesSingle Frame WOLF tracesSingle Frame mirrors traces
Size-Aware Polygon Rasterization on GPUsSnapshotsSupport Attila
TODO editing helpTeseladorTest
The ATTILA ACDX utility libraryThe ATTILA team
Thesis Resources & ToolsToolsTraceInformationExample
Tuning RV730UT2004UT3
UT3 manualTrace1 1280x1024 02-24-2009 4AA StatisticsUT3 manualTrace1 1280x1024 4AA config
Upcoming ConferencesUtilization TableWOLF
Workload Paper 2009