Utilization Table

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Memory Bandwidth
Shader Processors (ALU/Fetch)
Texture Unit (Address Gen)
ROP Z (Z and Stencil Test Inputs)
ROP Color (Color Write Inputs)
Rasterization (Fragment Generation)

Samples taken every 100K cycles. Horizontal Axis marked in samples.

Stage Utilization in D3D9 Frames
Game Frame Utilization Capture
Crysis 1839 Utilization.crysis-f1839.png Crysis-f1839.jpg
Left4Dead 1274 Utilization.l4d-f1274.png L4d-f1274.jpg
Mirror's Edge 609 Utilization.me-f609.png Me-f609.jpg
NFSU 2637 Utilization.nfsu-f2637.png Nfsu-f2637.jpg
UT3 2611 Utilization.ut3-f2611.png Ut3-f2611.jpg
Wolfenstein 440 Utilization.wolf-f440.png Wolf-f440.jpg